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We Provide the Most Reliable Service to Our Customers. Explore Our Services!

Anley Alemu Import and Export company provides a variety of quality goods and services to the global market. We focus on making the best in all sectors! Some of the services and products we offer;

Importing Various Products

We import various products like machinery, industrial raw materials, pharmaceuticals, stationery item, and etc. Explore more import services and work with us!

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Exporting Different Products

We export various products like coffee, oil seed, chickpeas, red kidney beans, green mung and etc. Explore more export services and work with us!

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Coffee Cleaning Service

We clean your coffee! Our company provides coffee cleaning services to our customers at affordable prices. Explore more coffee cleaning service and work with us!

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Machinery Rental

We offer the most reliable machinery rental at an affordable price to our customers. Explore more machinery rental service and work with us!

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We provide transportation services for a variety of purposes. Explore more transportation service, and get affordable transportation!

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